Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tales From Overseas...

Hey World from the North Pole also known as Poland!  

I am over this big body of ocean - a long ways from home trying to help my team succeed in getting better each week and reaching our goal of winning the Polish league championship.  I play for Lotos Gydnia with Monica Wright (WNBA).  Yesterday we played our final Euroleague game against Rivas Ecopolis.  Rivas Ecopolis is located in Spain, and they have a very familiar American face to me, DeWanna Bonner (my Phoenix Mercury teammate).  The best days overseas consist of seeing people from home you know and it was great seeing DB.  It was not only my last Euroleague game of the season but my first as well.  When I arrived to Poland there were already two Americans on the team and Euroleague only allows two Americans to play.  We started off on fire and playing like we had played with one another for years.  We were up 27-3 at one point.  All that matters in basketball is the end result, Rivas ended up having more points than us when the fourth quarter buzzer went off.  They drained three after three and we couldn’t stop them.  Our coach told us we learn from our mistakes and he will sign his name on a contract stating that we wont lose another game like that for the rest of the season.  

Time to continue to work!!  Our next game isn’t until next Wednesday so stay tuned!

Taking basketball out of the equation, I like the location I’m in.  The snow-weathered days are the least favorite of mines.  My mom is out visiting for a few weeks.  Her great company helps the days move by swiftly.  I am so appreciative of her taking the time to come out to visit and spend time with me.  It means the world to me. I will miss her so much when she leaves. 

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…… til next time 


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