Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 NBA All-Star Weekend

Hey everyone!!

I wanted to drop you all a quick blog to let you know how well the clinic went during All Star Weekend at Ft. Hood, TX. I got the opportunity to team up with a group called C4C. Champions 4 Champions is a group of legendary NBA players and volunteers who travel globally to support our military troops and their families by bringing them entertainment and fun activities. On February 18 we held a free basketball clinic for children from the ages of 6-16. I got the opportunity to share my experience of what it was like for me growing up in a military household with two parents serving our country to the children.

My main focus was letting them know how important it is to receive an education no matter what their goals in life are, and the importance of respecting their parents and teachers because they are the ones that want them to succeed and are there everyday to support them. I interacted with the kids as they did basic mini drills, signed autographs, and took pictures.

D-Trained ( showed his support for the Ketia4Kidz Foundation and provided the kids training and healthy eating information. I got a chance to meet a victim, Sgt. Alonso Lunsford, who survived the Ft. Hood tragedy in November 09 after being shot multiple times. He used to coach women’s basketball in North Carolina before the war. It was truly an honor and a blessing for Sgt. Lunsford to stop by and share some knowledge with myself and the kids. I was able to get my other UConn family, Rip Hamilton (with a nice assist from Ben Gordon), to send Sgt Lunsford an autographed jersey (pics coming later) as well for the event.

During the clinic, I did a radio interview with the legendary Sam Jones who use to play basketball for the Boston Celtics. His show that day reached over 325,000 people! He is one of the top 50 greatest NBA players of all time. Such an honor!!

Everything went well and I am excited to go back to Ft. Hood in the next few months for the 2nd Annual Ketia4Kidz basketball tournament. The kids and parents were awesome. My goal is to touch at least one child’s life and I hope they received something positive out of it.

Til next time…….K4K

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All-Star Weekend and More!!!

Hey Everyone!

It’s been awhile since I have reached out - and does Ketia4Kidz have some exciting things in store!! I encourage you all to spread the word and stay updated on the website! I personally have set a few goals for myself in twenty-ten.

I am back home training for the rest of this off-season. Not only am I around loved ones, but more importantly I’ll be able to really work on my game and improve from last season. When you’re at the top everyone wants to knock you down so you have to work that much harder to stay up there! I also get a chance to really focus on my foundation work and boy are things opening up!

The next big event Ketia4Kidz will be hosting is a basketball clinic at Ft. Hood, TX on February 13, 2010 during NBA All-Star weekend. Temeka Johnson and Sylvia Fowles will be joining via skype due to overseas priorities. DTrained will be there to help with the clinic, as well as the help of volunteers and WNBA staff. The Chicago Sky and Phoenix Mercury have pledged support, and Chicago Sky staff members will help throughout the clinic. Ben Gordon and Michael Lewis will also be in attendance. Click on events at for more info.

All the support we have received for this event is amazing. There are so many I can’t even name them all so I thank EVERYONE who has showed their support for this event! It won’t be able to be as successful as it will be without you all!

I'll also be on the Host Committee for a special Haiti Benefit Gala with Samuel Dalembert on Friday, February 12th! It's for a great cause, so if you want to help out or learn more, check out Sam's site for more information.

On another note my favorite NFL team, New Orleans Saints, are going to Miami….yeah buddy!! Wish them luck! Even if you are a Colts fan . Who Dat!

Talk to you soon….