Sunday, May 29, 2011

Remember the Reason: Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Let's not forget the reason behind this weekend! Our troops give up their time, families and lives to keep us all safe, and I'm blessed to celebrate them daily. I count my blessings for being able to continue to share stories with my parents (both served our country), because many of our soldiers lives are lost in the battles they fight.

I found a new site - Together We Served - and it's great! Great stories from our troops! Check it out when you get a chance!

Stay safe this holiday weekend, and please take time to remember the reason for this holiday! Happy Memorial Day!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

K4K Scholarship Winner: Meghan De Amaral - US Army Brat

Name: Meghan De Amaral/United States Army Brat
Age: 18
Current High School: Fort Knox High School
Current Location: Fort Knox, Kentucky
Interests: Reading and Playing Tennis
Major: Political Science
College: Texas A&M University

K4K Scholarship Winner: Jonathon Bigsby - US Air Force Brat

Name: Jonathon Bigsby/ United States Air Force Brat
Age: 18
DOB: December 3rd 1992
Current High School: Yokota High School
Current Location: Yokota, Japan
Interests: Karate, Life Sciences, Board Games, Puzzles, Literature, Studying Japanese, and Culture
Major: Asian Studies
College: University of Oregon

K4K Scholarship Winner: William Bradley - US Air Force Brat

Name: William Bradley/United States Air Force Brat
Age: 18
DOB: February 18th, 1993
Current High School: Kadena High School
Current Location: Okinawa, Japan
Interests: Performing Arts and Exploiting Service Opportunities
Major: Chemical Engineering
College: Brigham Young University

K4K Scholarship Winner: Nicholas Xavier Krenek - USMC Brat

Name: Nicholas Xavier Krenek/United States Marine Corp Brat
Age: 16
DOB: June 3rd 1994
Current High School: Matthew C. Perry High School
Current Location: Iwakuni, Japan
Interests: Astronomy, Guitar and Music
Major: Physics, Astronomy
College: University of Arizona

K4K Scholarship Winner: Morgan Karney - US Navy Brat

Name: Morgan Karney/United States Navy Brat
Age: 17
DOB: June 25th 1993
Current High School: Coronado High School
Current Location: Coronado, California
Interests: Water Polo, Swimming, and Playing the Flute
Major: Criminology
College: Gonzaga University

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ketia4Kidz Golf Outing Pictures!

Enjoy the photos from the 1st Annual Ketia4Kidz Golf Outing!

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