Monday, November 16, 2009

Long Week Ahead..

Hey Hey Hey!

Sorry to start you guys with bad news, but we lost this past weekend to Mersin. It was a tough game but unfortunately we couldn’t pull it out. We were down most of the first half - managing to make a run in the second quarter and tie the game up going into halftime. The second half Mersin was just too much for us and kept a double digit lead for pretty much the remainder of the game. We have a whole week until we can redeem ourselves on Sunday vs Ceyhan. That’s one of the disadvantages of playing one game a week. When you lose you’re ready to take anybody out to get back on that win streak. Instead of playing again soon, I’m on a six day wait list. On a good note practice, practice, practice makes better right?!

Sunday was an off day for the team so Chante and I decided to get away from Tarsus and hangout with Barbara and some of her teammates in Mersin (25 minute drive) after the game. Sunday we traveled to Adana (25 minute drive) to watch two teams in our league. I wish there was more time to get out and about, because it helps time move swiftly.

Since I started with bad news I’m going to end with great news. The Ketia4Kidz 2nd Annual Hometown Fundraiser on December 29th is getting closer and closer. Rap artist 3D will be making an appearance - shout out to FAM! Big things and a great future is all in store for the foundation so please stay tuned!

Until next week…..K4K

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