Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ketia4Kidz Help Future Leaders Experience Their Dreams

Ketia Swanier visited Faith Middle School in Fort Benning, Georgia today to present 15 students of the National Junior Honor Society a $1,000 check to help them fulfill their dreams. In April, they will embark on a three-day journey to Washington D.C. to experience and to explore the city where our nation’s leadership resides and works. The 15 selected students have demonstrated scholarship with their grades, excellence with their character and a willingness to serve their school and community. These students have also been selected to represent Faith Middle School in the ongoing partnership announced by Ketia on January 12, 2009 with Pass Christian Middle School of Pass Christian, Mississippi. The selected students from each school will share their challenges with each other via technology, particularly what it is like to have parents frequently deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. The selected students from Pass Christian Middle School will have the opportunity to share their experiences of living through Hurricane Katrina.

In addition, the Ketia4Kidz Foundation purchased and gifted Toastmaster International leadership kits and will provide lunch for 15 selected youths of the Fort Benning Youth Services Program. The Youth Services Program will host a Teen Leadership Course for eight weeks beginning April 4, 2009. The course will help the youths become more competent and comfortable in front of an audience. The selected youth participants will practice and learn public speaking skills by filling a role in a mock meeting, ranging from giving a prepared or an impromptu speech to serving as a grammarian.

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