Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Inspiration for the New Year: Leighton Parker, 11, celebrates through giving

Leighton Parker of Lagrange, Georgia recently celebrated turning 11 in a big way, but not with ponies, helicopter rides, or even a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.

Upon learning more about the Ketia 4 Kidz Foundation and its goals to help military children in need,

Leighton made a decision during her party planning that was anything but typical of a young lady her age.

She asked her party guests to donate to the Ketia4Kidz Foundation instead of bringing her gifts. When asked why she decided to support Ketia4Kidz instead of receiving new toys and clothes for her birthday, she responded, “My desire to help military kids was an honor and a very unselfish act.”

Not only was Leighton thrilled and enthused to contribute to Ketia 4 Kidz’s causes, but so were her friends. She explained that her guests and friends “thought it was great” that she chose to collect donations and that they were excited as she was to contribute.

Thank you to Leighton Parker and her friends for their generous contributions. Their act of pure generosity and selflessness is a shining example for all of us as we begin the New Year, and we are grateful for their dedication to and interest in Ketia 4 Kidz.

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