Friday, July 16, 2010

A Great Experience - Ketia4Kidz Family Night

On June 29, 2010 I got my first opportunity to host an amazing family during my road trip to Atlanta, Ga. The Bower Family consists of Darlene (mother), Courtney (17), Dustin (13), and their deployed husband/stepfather SSG Bower who has been deployed to Iraq for 4-5 months. Darlene got in a serious car accident back in February of this year and sustained severe injuries. My goal was to get them away from home and just have some time to enjoy themselves, take their minds off everything going on and have a fun night.

It was their first WNBA game ever. Unfortunately we lost a close game to the Atlanta Dream but the Bower family was able to take my mind off of the L. We went to dinner after the game to the Sundial Restaurant located in the Westin hotel. It is on the highest floor of the hotel, rotating 360 degrees giving you an amazing view of the city of Atlanta. My parents also joined us for dinner. We took pictures and enjoyed the evening.

I took time over the 4th of July weekend to think about how grateful we are. I hope everyone appreciates how much freedom they have being an American. I would like to thank all the veterans and active military soldiers now for allowing us to have freedom. People don’t know what these individuals and their families go through on a daily basis. I would challenge anyone to TRY and walk a day in their shoes. GREAT LUCK is what I would say. Thank You veterans and active soldiers!

I’m looking forward to doing even more with veterans and their families, especially the youth. I’m hoping to talk to our First Lady – Michelle Obama – on Monday when we visit the White House for winning the WNBA Championship last year. She’s been doing an amazing job with the military families, and I want to find a way to do even more and be involved with her efforts! I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks everyone!!! Have a great weekend!!

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