Monday, December 7, 2009

Let the Countdown Begin!!

Hi everyone did you guys miss me?

I know it has been two weeks too long! My time in Turkey is getting short as Christmas break arrives in two weeks. I am sssooo excited to get home to see my family and loved ones. These past two weeks have been a little bit of a struggle for me. I’ve been fighting off not only a cold, but homesickness as well. My parents have been my biggest supporters throughout my entire life. I’m used to seeing them at least once a month. Overseas prevents that from happening and its taken a little bit of a toll on me. I continue to take it day by day and thank the Lord for blessing me with the opportunities that He has given me. ARMY brats are use to being thrown into a fire and adapting, because they persevere through tough situations. My parents got deployed back to back on a consistent basis in my adolescent and teenage years. Being put in these positions made me have a strong backbone. I had no choice. I tell myself everyday that it could be a lot worse.

On a another note our overall record is 4-3. We lost to Instanbul University and won this past weekend over Kocaeli. We definitely still have room to grow overall as a team; we just have to make it happen. We have a huge game this weekend against Fenerbahce, the number one team in the league. Hopefully our coach prepares us well.

I will end this blog with words from Mr. Rev Run: “Its not what the situation is, it’s what we make of the situation.”

Until next time… help me countdown my days until I land in America! 14 and counting...


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