Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Patriotic Partnership - Saying Thanks across Our Country - A Thousand Times Over - Believe in your dreams!

On May 26, 2008 after months of planning what can only be described as a very grass roots event. I set out on foot on a 2,700 mile cross-country adventure departing from Ft. Irwin California and culminating near our nation’s Capitol on the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.

As I traveled, it was my privilege to meet, shake the hands of, and personally thank more than 1,000 veterans and individual members of our Armed Forces. In addition, I toured multiple military facilities across the country and had the honor of participating in a USO event at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.

At last, after 75 days of the greatest and most grueling adventure ever,

The Journey of a Thousand Thanks came to a quiet and triumphant end.

Now, with the first crossing ending in success, and bringing in more than 2000 media hits, funds for the Wounded Warrior Project and recognition and an award from the White Houses’ USA Freedom Corp office, the plans for 2009’s journey are well under way!

For 2009’s journey, we have partnered with the Ketia4Kidz Foundation and The National Veterans Homeless Support Organization as we cross the country to thank our troops, and proudly shine a light of support on the children of active duty military families as well as bring much needed assistance to many of our veterans who are in need.

With so many of our veterans, service personnel and their families in need of financial assistance and the staunch support and encouragement of their fellow countrymen, A Thousand Thanks, Ketia4Kidz and The National Veterans Homeless Support invites you to be apart of an event unlike any other as we salute the very best of our nation, one step at a time.

Our Route

The route will span some 2,000 plus miles with stops at military installations and some of the nation’s most beautiful cities.

We are hoping to stay visible and accessible, so that supporters across the country can not only follow us, but come out and join us as well.

Of course, we ask that you keep your eyes tuned to our official web site for any updates or changes to the route.

Our Team

A Thousand Thanks

A Thousand Thanks is the result of grand moment of inspiration and has become the catalyst project for bringing organizations and foundations together for a united cause.

A Thousand Thanks exists solely to inspire a spirit of service and gratitude from the American people to the American Service men and women.

Ketia4kidz Foundation

The Ketia4Kidz Foundation is the life long dream of Former UConn point guard and now professional basketball player for the WNBA Connecticut Sun, Ketia Swanier, a self-described “military brat” with national and international moves and both parents serving their country, Ms. Swanier knows very well the challenges that children of active duty families face. “I understand what these children are experiencing with us fighting two wars. Both of my parents deployed several times.”

It is this special knowledge that Ms. Swanier hopes to use as she and her foundation reach out to the children of our military. Ketia4Kidz will motivate these children to realize their dreams and achieve them through promoting excellence in academics and sports related programs.

National Veterans Homeless Support

The National Veterans Homeless Support is a labor of love for Vietnam veteran George Taylor. Mr. Taylor honorably served his country in the U.S Army’s 173rd Airborne Division. Over the last 20 years, Mr. Taylor has continued to serve his country as the executive director of the NVHS.org. Mr. Taylor and his organization have dedicated themselves to business of helping homeless veterans.

The NVHS has a network of social programs that include Post Traumatic Awareness and counseling, assistance with enrollment VA medical and mental services, as well as access to rehabilitation programs such as narcotics & alcoholics anonymous. It is Mr. Taylor’s mission to remind these men and women that they once wore the uniform of this great country.

The Mission

On May 26, 2009, I will again set out on foot acroos the country in a show of gratitude and support for those men and women who have worn, and those who still wear the uniform of this country.

From California to Our Nation’s Capitol, with stops at military installtions and cities along the way, I will walk to bring awarness to the challenges that our veterans and military children face .

Funds raised from this event will be donated to The National Veterans Homeless Support Organization and The Ketia4Kidz Foundation.

Get Involved

The Journey of a Thousand Thanks event is inviting corporations and foundations to become apart of this unique project through tax-deductable donations or sponsorship.

Sponsors will be recognized for their participation:

* With acknowledgement and a link on the official web site.
* National Exposure of company logo on event vehicle and apparel.
* In all press releases and correspondence with military installations

Individuals & Volunteers

We are very excited to welcome private citizens and those who would like to be involved as volunteers at our “event” cities to contact us info@athousandthanks.us with questions about how, when and where you can be involved.

Website : www.athousandthanks.us

Email: info@athousandthanks.us

Keela Carr: 404/663-6959

Website: www.ketia4kidz.org

Email: ketia4kidz@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 706-577-1731

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